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Natascha May at the Coffee Hag

Natascha May at the Coffee Hag

May 19, 2017
7:00 pm


Actually, singer-songwriter Natascha Myers lives in the same world you do. A world filled with elation and suffering, beauty and tragedy, silence and racket. A world where somewhere, someone is airdrumming to their favorite song because they fell in love and in that same moment elsewhere, cities are going up in flames. A world where there are skies consumed by constellations in one place and city lights posing as stars in another. A world filled with first kisses and the sound of rain lulling you to sleep on one hand, a world of sleepless nights and splitting headaches on the other. But true to her composition professor’s trademark response to a vast majority of her songs, Natascha Myers chooses to compose a pretty world out of the life she lives. 

As a songwriter, Natascha creates songs overflowing with allegorical, genuine lyrics and colorful harmonic language. Her folksy voice accompanied by a wide variety of instrumentation, including her latest innovation of violin and cello, creates an ethereal, soothing sound that listeners describe as something a person could listen to all day and music that makes you feel something. In addition to singing and writing her own music, Natascha plays guitar, piano, and dabbles with the banjo. 

When she isn’t scribbling lyrics on napkins and playing live shows with a huge smile on her face, Natascha is busy producing her debut EP, Do Not Go Gentle, set for a summer release. Living up to Pulse Magazine’s description of her as a “musical wünderkind,” Natascha is also studying music performance and composition at Clarke University in Dubuque. Additionally, she works for Blue Night Soundscapes as the Operations Generalist, where she currently codes licensed music for a metadata search engine, handles radio promotion, and gets to meet nifty people along the way. Both Clarke and Blue Night Soundscapes are affording Natascha the opportunity to grow musically and professionally with the guidance of a host of wonderful mentors. 

So step into her pretty world. You’ll like the sound of it.

Coffee Hag

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