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City Center Partnership

Programs, Initiatives & Plans

The City Center Partnership (CCP) works to implement the City Center Renaissance Plan and uphold a vibrant City Center through programs and initiatives that help attract increased investment, customers, employees and residents. A key partner in these undertakings are our volunteer committees. Our standing committees and the projects they oversee are:

Aesthetics & Vitality  |  Learn More About Programs
Business Development & Livability|  Learn More About Programs
CityArt  |  Learn More About Programs
Marketing & Promotions  |  Learn More About Programs
Advocacy  |  Learn More About Programs



Event Equipment Support: The City Center Partnership has invested in assets designed to make it easier for organizations to hold special events in the City Center.  Fill out the Guidelines for Use of City Center Partnership Event Equipment application and return it to at least two weeks prior to requested use.



Plans that shape the work of City Center Partnership include:

City Center Renaissance Plan
City Center Partnership’s mission is to be a catalyst for implementation of the City Center Renaissance Plan. A strong City Center is a mirror of the overall health of the community. The vision of the Renaissance Plan is to redefine and revitalize the downtowns of Mankto and lower North Mankato as the Valley, a center for the region that is cultural, civic, governmental, residential, and the entertainment heartbeat of the area.  The Renaissance Plan called for several component plans including connectivity through Front Street, wayfinding signage, and a master plan for Old Town. | Learn More

Arts, Culture and Community Enhancement Plan
The Arts, Culture and Community Enhancement Plan proposes the development of an Arts and Cultural District. This district will celebrate the artistic and cultural organizations, businesses and creative individuals in the region by being a rich tapestry of social vibrancy, with a spirit of cooperation that sparks conversation, creativity, education, involvement and innovation throughout the community. | Learn More

Arts & Historic District Community Dialogue & Plan
The Arts & Historic District Dialogue is a community initiative coordinated by the City Center Partnership to assess how we might proactively cultivate our Arts & Historic District into an authentic and sustainable top five arts and cultural district in the Upper Midwest.

Belgrade Master Plan
The purpose of the Belgrade Avenue Master Plan is to achieve a framework for investment in the Central Business District (CBD) and to achieve a shared vision of the future of the CBD by the City, citizens and property owners in the downtown area. | Learn More

Front Street Connectivity Plan
The Front Street Connectivity Plan was the result of a multi-year planning and community engagement process of the City Center Partnership in collaboration with the City of Mankato. It is a detailed implementation plan that expands a key initiative of the community visioning document, the City Center Renaissance Plan. | Learn More

Get Creative Plan
A framework for artistic, cultural and economic vitality in Greater Mankato. | Learn More

Lighting Plan
The Lighting Plan’s goal is to bring additional decorative lighting throughout Mankato for a more connected pedestrian experience at night. By using a variety of individual elements throughout the separate neighborhoods of the City, the city as a whole will begin to visually connect and share a common aesthetic. | Learn More

Old Town Master Plan
The Old Town Master Plan is divided into four sections: Preservation and Culture; Renaissance and Renewal; Connections and Linkages’ and Partnerships to Build a Village. Key initiatives include pedestrian/connectivity enhancements, traffic modifications, historic preservation, incorporation of public art, commercial and residential rehabilitation, design standards compatible with established building mass and composition, redevelopment opportunities, and forming partnerships to accomplish several of the implementation tactics. | Learn More

Open Space & Tactical Urbanism Plan
The Open Space & Tactical Urbanism Plan is an initiative of the City Center Partnership and seeks to assess the attributes of your City Center public spaces and seek appropriate programing for those spaces. The goal is to activate the public realm and enhance the vibrancy of our City Center. This plan is currently in development.

Wayfinding Signage Plan
The Wayfinding Signage Plan exists to improve the multi-modal and pedestrian wayfind experience in the City Center through wayfinding/directional signage that guides daily users and visitors from major gateways into and around the City Center. | Learn More


2018 Year in Review

2018 was a great year for Livability in the City Center. We secured a creative placemaking grant through the INFUSE Artists on Main Street Program, unveiled the 8th annual Walking Sculpture Tour with 27 new sculptures, had 49 businesses participate in the Shop Small in the City Center passport promotion (which brought hundreds of shoppers downtown) and so much more! Learn More