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City Center Partnership


The City Center Partnership is a volunteer based organization working to uphold the City Center Renaissance Plan and a vibrant City Center Mankato. Feel free to learn more about our  Mission & Vision or Programs & Initiatives.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Contact Crystal Olson at 507.388.1062 or if you are interested in volunteering on a City Center committee or initiative.

Current CCP Committees and Volunteers


Bryan Sowers   |   U.S. Bank  |  Chair
Randy Zellmer   |   Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.   |   Past Chair & CityArt Liaison
David Jones   |   Minnesota State University Mankato   |  Secretary/Treasurer
Dan White   |   iSpace Environments  |  Aesthetics & Livability Chair
Tom Frederick, Jr.   |   Pub 500 Business Retention & Development Chair
Wes Gilbert   |   Mankato Computer Technology  |  Business Retention & Development Vice Chair
Jonathan Kemp   |   Ardent Mills, LLC  |  Marketing & Promotions Chair
Vickie Apel  |  SMILES Center for Independent Living
Cate DeBates  |  Coldwell Banker Commercial Fisher Group
Max DeMars  |  DeMars Construction
Tony Friesen   |   2 Pins Bakery
Christopher Person   |   Mankato Independent Originals
Jessica Potter  |  Blue Earth County Historical Society
Jim Whitlock   |   Brickhouse Graphics
Jessica Beyer  |  Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Anna Thill   |   Visit Mankato
Paul Vogel   |   City of Mankato
John Harrenstein   |   City of North Mankato
Stephanie Drago   |   Taylor Digital  |  GMG Board

Executive Committee Members:
Bryan Sowers  |   Board Chair
Randy Zellmer   |   Past Chair & CityArt Liaison
David Jones   |   Secretary/Treasurer
Dan White   |   Aesthetics & Livability  Committee Chair
Tom Frederick, Jr.  |  Business Development & Retention Committee Chair
Jonathan Kemp  |   Marketing & Promotions Committee Chair
Jessica Beyer  |   Greater Mankato Growth

Aesthetics & Livability Committee Members:
Dan White   |   Chair
Stephanie Bottner
Max DeMars
Eric Harriman
Courtney Kramlinger
Matthias Leyrer
Stacey Lienemann
Jessica Potter
Tricia Lewis
Learn about the Aesthetics & Livability Committee’s Programs & Initiatives

Business Development & Retention Committee Members:
Tom Frederick, Jr.  |   Chair
Wes Gilbert |   Vice Chair
Shannon Beal
Mike Fischer
Tony Friesen
Mike Hahn
George Jordan
Courtney Kramlinger
Dan Robinson
Gary Schott
Randall Wempen
Dan White
Jim Whitlock
Learn about the Business Development & Retention Committee’s Programs & Initiatives

CityArt Committee Members:
Randy Zellmer | CCP Executive Committee Liaison
Tami Paulsen   |  Chair
Vicki Apel
Marianne Carlson
Andrew Farm
Michael Fisher   |   City of North Mankato
Jeanne Gallaway
JO Guck Bailey
Jolinda Grabianowski
Orin Johnson
Courtney Kramlinger | City of Mankato
Tricia Lewis
Steve Mork
Kevin Velasquez
Jeremy Wiesen

Learn about the CityArt Committee’s Programs & Initiatives

Marketing & Promotions Committee Members:
Jonathan Kemp   |   Chair
Jeni Bobholz
Heather Fisher
JO Guck Bailey
Carrie Kijenski
Liz Sharp
Tyson Dull
Jay Reasner
Kurt Kromroy
Kate Loging
Ann MacGregor
Chelsea Mann
Bruce McKirdy
Sandra Oachs
Christopher Person
Learn about the Marketing & Promotions Committee’s Programs & Initiatives